Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Robert Marcarelli, an over twenty year award-winning filmmaker, has extensive experience in the film and television industries. This combined with his wide-ranging international relief work provides him with a unique skill set in bringing compelling stories to the screen. He has been awarded the highest honor, the Order of Merit and Grand Commander, for his humanitarian service by the Knights Templar.

• 2011 “Knights of the Order” Director/Producer. Documentary. Filmed on location at WestPoint, NY and in Jerusalem, this film tells both ancient and modern tales of the Knights and Dames Templar.

• 2010 “Not For Sale II: Join the Fight” Producer/Director Documentary. The Battle against human trafficking continues. This 30 minute, updated version of “Not For Sale…the Documentary” focuses on 5 heroes who are rescuing victims and fighting to see that the traffickers are prosecuted.

• 2010 “Health Outreach to the Middle East” Producer/Director. Documentary. Filmed on location in Egypt, Lebanon and Iraq. Christian Arab-American doctors selflessly support medical clinics and hospitals in the Middle East and travel there to bring their much-needed expertise to the region.

• 2009 “Awakening Cambodia” Producer/Director Documentary. Filmed on location in Cambodia. This exciting film chronicles the remarkable story of two missionaries, who in little over a decade have started more than 3000 churches and over 100 church orphan homes.

• 2008 “Facing Extinction: Christians in Iraq” Director/Producer. Documentary. The heart wrenching story of the ancient community that is about to be wiped off the planet. Filmed on location in Iraq, Jordan, and Washington DC

• 2007 “Not For Sale…the Documentary” Director/Producer. Documentary. Compelling Worldwide Documentary on Slavery/Human Trafficking. Based on the book, Not For Sale by David Batstone

• 2002 “The Long Ride Home” Director/Producer Feature Film
Starring: Randy Travis, Eric Roberts, Ernest Borgnine, and Garry Marshall

• 1991 "An Empire Conquered" Director/ Exec. Producer Documentary
Discovery Channel; Starring Joseph Campanella

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